About me

Me in a tree in Africa

I'm the one in the tree

Hi! I’m Loz.

Before anything else, here’s a little bio…

I have a BA hons degree from Derby University, which I got in 2004. For those who don’t know, Derby’s a lovely little city in the Midlands of England. However it wasn’t the most inspiring or busy place for me, and after spending a few years in music promotions and bands, I started to thing of ‘broadening my horizons’. I lived in Liverpool for about 3 years, and working as a teaching assistant, workshop teacher and artist, wondering when life was gonna pick up a bit, I applied for two positions: charity work in Africa and English Teacher in Japan with a company called Interac. No real plan, just thinking ‘why not?’

And BOOM! Suddenly, here I am in Japan.

And so here we are…

(If you’re wondering, I also worked in Northern Kenya in August. That’s where I am in the picture.)


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